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On the left panel, you'll find tutorials that will help you understand how AmaWebs work and next to them a series of FAQ. Click on the little arrow to find the answer.

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What is Amawebs?
• Amawebs is a Web Pages Builder Software that will allow to create, publish and keep your site on the internet. This Software was specially designed for AmarillasInternet.com Advertisers.
Who is the owner of Amawebs?
• Amawebs is a trade mark property of AmarillasInternet Corporation.
Are there any hidden costs or rates?
• No, Amawebs Web Sites aren’t commercialized; they’re an exclusive development for AmarillasInternet.com Advertisers, and they’re totally free of charge.
How do I start to create my Web Site?
• Remember that to be able to Publish your Web Site you need to have your Ad Published in AmarillasInternet.
• To start creating you page, click on the tab “Build it”, from there the system will ask your Username and Password, and it will begin to guide you step by step.
How many times can I change the design of my Web Site?
• The system will allow you to change the design of your page as many times as you want, no time limits, and available 24/7/365.
• Remember!!! You will not only be able to change the design of your Web Site as many times as you want, but you will also be able to modify the content of your Texts, Images, and Video!!!
What is instant change of design?
• It’s the Technology that AMAWEBS uses, which allows you to change the Design of your Site instantly, without modifying its content!.
• You can re-design your site according to the evolution of your Business.
• Take advantage of this Tool and use it for events, promotions, anniversaries and special occasions or dates.
How long does it take for my Site to appear on the Internet?
• Display and view your pages before publish them and make the last adjustments, making sure everything is as you expect, and then Publish it Immediately.
Can I preview my pages before publishing them?
• Yes, we always recommend previewing your pages before publishing them, so you can make the last adjustments, making sure everything is as you expect.
I have a Premium Ad. Do I qualify to get my Web Page?
• With your Premium Ad you’ll get your Web Site for 1 year.
What do I get with my Gold Ad?
• If you have a Gold Ad you’ll get a Web Site for five years.
What do I get with my Premium Ad?
• If you have a Premium Ad you will get a complete website for one year and 4 years of basic service (without photos or video galleries). If you renew your Premium Ad you will keep the Premium features
When does my Web Site start to be counted?
• Time starts to be counted from the moment you first published your Ad in AmarillasInternet.com
What information can I include in the Pages?
• Our Software allows you to put all the information you want within its 6 pages: Pictures, Documents, and Videos.
What is Storage?
• Storage is a Virtual Vault, where you’ll be able to store all the information of all your images up to 5 MB. The vault is prepared to present you 4 different sizes of the image, allowing you to choose which one to publish.
How much information can I generally store?
• Our System is prepared so you can store up to 5 MB in Images in your vault.
Can I use images that are published somewhere else inside AmaWebs?
• Yes, you can copy and paste images from somewhere else. But remember that if these images are modified in their original site they'll also change in yours.
Should I include my Company Information again?
• No, our software was prepared to automatically extract the information you included in your Ad in AmarillasInternet.
• If you want to modify your basic information, you’ll need to log into your Ad inside the AmarillasInternet.com Portal, and the system will automatically update it in your Web Page.
Can I choose my Site Name?
• You can choose the name of your Site inside the subdomain we provide you here, so your business name will be:
  yourname.AmaWebs.com or www.yourname.AmaWebs.com
• If you want to get your own domain you can choose between 2 options: Obtain a Domain through a Domain reseller or Register in a Free Domains Site and then redirect it to Amawebs for Free.
Which are the Free Web Domain Extensions?
Does AMAWEBS have Design Service?
• Our builder is designed to allow any person with basic computing knowledge to create their own Web Page; that is why we give you the possibility of choosing among hundreds of designs created by highly qualified Professionals.
How do I update my Web Page?
• AmarillasInternet gives you all the necessary Tools, so you can update all your information in your page as many times as you want.
Does Amawebs offer Technical Support?
• Amawebs provides you a series of Tutorials y FAQ so you know everything you need about our Systems.
• You can contact your AmarillasInternet Local Office and they’ll recommend you Professional who can offer you their services, in case you need them, for a price.
Who Hosts my Web Page?
•  Amawebs Servers are Hosted inside AmarillasInternet Corporation Facilities. 
What does it mean that Amawebs System has an Intuitive Software?
• AMAWEBS was created with a smart software, prepared to guide you step by step in the creation of your web page in a simple way and with ultimate quality.