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The editor we provide has a set of tools that will allow you to control all the text you add to your pages, this tools are similar to those you find in any word processor, that's why it's very easy to use; you can line up, change its colors, size and font type.

Paste text
You can paste content from other websites or from MS Word, but you need to be careful because pasting text from other sources could make the text look wrong: to avoid this you should use the tool “Paste as plain text”.

The tool “Paste as plain text” will display a box where you should paste your text and click on “Accept”. With this action the system will show you the text clean and without format; once the text is inserted you can arrange the spaces, colors and fonts.

Font types
On the tool bar, the system will show the option of selecting among 9 different typographies. These typographies are approved as standard; the use of another type of font would imply that the same website wouldn’t be properly viewed in all computers. Many designers use other typographies, but putting them inside flash files or images, this is an option you can use to add graphic details to your website; but remember that the web search engines such as Google can only index texts but no images or flash documents.

-Describe your company, products and services with good phrasing texts, this will help you promote your products or services and at the same time it will help you rank better in the web search engines.
-Use the same styles and sizes in all your pages; using many different colors and sizes will confuse the reader.