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Step 3

The first time you arrive at step 3 the system will inform you that your site is properly saved and will offer you to publish it, click on the link “Publish” and your site will appear on the internet.

If your site was already published and you arrived at step 3 after editing its content or changing its design, then you don’t need to do anything, all changes are instant and automatic.

If for any reason you need to remove your website from the internet, you can come back to this step anytime and the system will give you the option to “Deactivate” it. This option doesn’t delete the content of the website, it only deactivates it, so you can publish it again.

-Publish your website when you consider that you have at least one page with good content about your company or service
-If possible, keep your website always published to increase its ranking; to deactivate it can affect your ranking
-Keep your website pages always updated and with good phrasing, this will help you promote your products or services and at the same time it will help you rank better in the web search engines.