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On the left panel, you'll find tutorials that will help you understand how AmaWebs work.

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Step 2

On this step you'll add all the content of your website; to do it, the system presents 6 pages called "Page 1", "Page 2" and son on.

You'll start with the first page "Page 1"; in the box that says "Page Name" you'll write a name that indicates that it has this information, for example "About us".

After writing the name of your first page, click inside the white box below, this box is an editing page where you can write all the information you want to publish. This editing page provides you tools that are very similar to those in MS Word.

To check how your first page will look, click on "Preview", the system will generate your web page and it will show you exactly how it will look when published.

When you finish writing and editing this page click on the "Save" button, and you will have your first page ready to be used when your website is published.

To edit the rest of the pages click on any of them, for example "Page 2"; you don't have to complete all the pages, you can leave them blank to edit them anytime.

When you finish editing your pages click on the "Continue" button to go to the next step, if any of the pages wasn't saved the system will warn you, you can press "Cancel" and save your pages or press "Accept" and go to the next step but any unsaved changes will be lost.

-When you edit a page the top tab will be marked in red, indicating that you edited it; save your page regularly to prevent data loss if you have a problem with your internet connection.
-You can change the name of any of the 6 pages or the website name anytime, but we recommend you not to do it often because this will affect your ranking.