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To insert images on your pages, you can copy them from other web pages or use the AmaWebs Storage tools, we recommend you to use the Storage.

To use the Storage tool you need to know:

Open AmaWebs Storage
You’ll click on the option called "Pictures"; the system will display a new window called AmaWebs Storage.

Load an image
Inside the Storage window click on "Upload Pictures", then click on "Examine" and select an image file from your computer, once you selected it click on the button "Upload Picture" and the uploading process will begin.

The process may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the image you selected. The system will give you a notice when the upload is complete and you’ll be able to start a new upload by clicking on “Upload Picture” or you can go to the option "My Pictures" to see your images.

Insert a picture on a page
From the option called "My Pictures" you’ll be able to see all the images you have in your Storage, each of them has a small button with a red cross on it, and up to four different-size blue buttons.

Click on one of the blue buttons depending on the size you want for your image. A new window with the image will pop up, there you’ll click on the "Insert" button below; by doing this the image will be inserted into the page from where you opened the Storage; at the same time the Storage will be closed. To insert other images you can re-open it.

Delete a picture
From the option called "My Pictures" click on the button with the red cross which corresponds to the picture you want to delete. A confirmation window will pop up, you need to click on "Continue" to delete the picture.

-Before opening the AmaWebs Storage click on the part of your page where you want to insert a document, like this you specify to the system where you want to insert it.